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Smart Car History

With the United States the rise in fuel prices, the popularity of small cars began to grow very quickly. Time to submit your company Daimler Smart car to the US market. Already popular in Europe, the car is very small in size and very economical on fuel use. The new car is called the Fortwo was the most popular in 2008.

The first person to come up with such a car was Nicolas Hayek - the man, the head of the company producing "Swatch" watch brand. His plan was to create a vehicle for economical fuel, environmentally clean, and has no problems with parking. The company "Swatch" began joint activities with the automotive company Daimler-Benz (after a failed attempt with Volkswagen) to create a new car under the name Micro Compact Car - MCC. Construction of the car began in 1994, and the first presentation of the Smart held at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997. In the sale of the car admitted to the next year. Hayek was disappointed by the fact that the Smart-car installed conventional motors, while he wanted to use environmentally friendly electric hybrid. Initial sales were very small, and Hayek left the joint venture, leaving Daimler-Benz (now the Daimler-Chrysler) sole owner of the Smart car. Today, however, this machine does not carry the brand Mercedes-Benz.

When you first look at the car thrown his small dimensions of the eye. Smart Car dimensions are 150 cm high, 2.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. Problems with parking of the car almost does not exist. For example, instead of the standard Hammer can park two or three Smart.


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