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Skoda History

The company was founded in early 1895 by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. She was named Slavia. First, a small enterprise engaged in the manufacture and repair of bicycles. Perhaps the company and would continue to engage in this mount. But one day the owners came up with the idea to mount a small motor bicycle frame.

Already in late 1898 under the name Laurin & Klement was released first motorcycle, reliable enough for daily use. On this occasion, the newspaper Allgemeine Automobil Zaitung write: "Not at all downplaying the merits Werner brothers from France, the Czech kingdom company Laurin & Klement can rightly be defined as the creator of the motorcycle. If the French motor attached to a conventional bicycle, thus, not even changing his line, the Czechs went the other way. They built the bike around the engine. Of course, the idea was one, but approached her differently. Czechs stressed the principle of the car, and the French - the bicycle. Czechs were right. "

Within three years, with rolled off a new model motorcycle on three wheels. It was capable of speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour.

So begins the story of the company. In 1905, Klement and Laurin demonstrated his first car L & K Voiturette. These were light vehicles, double and quadruple. They were mounted V-type two-cylinder engine with water cooled. Then the cars were presented at the classic race in Semmering (Austria). There they managed to win in the class of road vehicles. In 1906, the cars were installed four-cylinder engines. A year later appeared Laurin & Klement with 8-cylinder engine.

Along with success came new challenges. For the production of cars needed investment. It took the new equipment, buildings and land for construction.

In 1907, the partners began to transform the company into a stock company.

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