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The company "Renault",  Regie nationale des usines Renault - the largest in France, state-owned company, which is engaged in production of cars. This company manufactures passenger cars, sports cars and trucks. The headquarters of the company is located in Boulogne-Binyankur - a small town near Paris.

The beginning of the history of this company can be considered in 1898. It was then that Louis Renault manufactured light vuatyuretku (from the French word voiturette - a small cart, trolley). The power of this truck was only 0.75 horsepower. The following machine manufactured by Louis became the so-called "model A". It was installed engine engine "De Dion Bouton,". This model has been very successful. Together with his older brothers, Louis organized a company Ā«Renault FreresĀ» (Reno Brothers). Already in 1899, this company has managed to produce and sell the 15 "model A". For their vehicles Louis was able to construct a transmission. It differed in that the torque transmitted to the rear wheels by means of a shaft with universal joints, and not by means of the chain. And now all cars with rear wheel drive made with a main transmission scheme. All the brothers that exactly were passionate about car racing. At the beginning of the development of business and sports racing cars occupy a significant place in their products.

Starting in 1900, the company is engaged in manufacturing of high-power and large cars. This model AG1 with a very comfortable and elegant body "landau", "double-shay", "Capuchin" and closed limousines, while very rare.

His first bus company demonstrated at the Auto Show in Berlin. This happened in 1906. In 1905 the brothers Renaud were among the first produced cars - taxi, which was established body "landole." Because of its shape and the black cars popularly nicknamed "Brownings". They became famous during World War II. Then were in the shortest time mobilized 600 Parisian taxi drivers, who are then sent to transport soldiers to the river Marne. In a very short period of time were transferred about 5,000 soldiers. In memory of this famous battlefield all cars were named "Marne". There was even a monument to this car. Besides cars, the company supplies for the army aviation engines, vessels and other equipment. The first aircraft engine was assembled in 1908. In addition, Louis Renault was able to construct even a tank, for the time is quite good.

Before the First World War the company "Brothers Renault" very fruitful cooperation with Russia. For the Russian emperor was made limousine landole for heir acquired "Reno-Bebe". It was a small light car, which was very easy to manage.

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