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Pontiac(Pontiac Division) - a division of the American company "General Motors." This company is engaged in production of sports cars. The headquarters of the company is located in the state of Michigan, the city of Pontiac.

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Company history begins in 1893. It was then that Edward G. Murphy organized in Pontiac firm "Pontiac Buggy." First, the firm engaged in the production crew.

In 1907, the firm became known as Oakland Motor Car Company. She has started to manufacture cars. Pretty soon the company became part of the Oakland General Motors.

Since 1926, the firm becomes known as Pontiac Motor Division.V 1933 place CEO takes Harry Klinger. On his orders, begins production of updated models with independent suspension and six-cylinder engines.

In 1935 came to light Coupe Pontiac Silver Streak. This model has been so successful that it was possible to think about the expansion of production.

In 1941 the company began producing automobiles series «Torpedo». Several of these models continued to be produced after the war.

In 1950 there was a model on sale «Catalina». Since 1952, this model began to install the automatic transmission "GIDROMATIK."


In 1953, saw the light of a model with a body "Hardton." At the same time on the cars, which produces the company began installing power steering. In 1958 was begun pilot production of automotive engine, which was equipped with a mechanical fuel injection system.

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