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Nissan Motors

By title NISSAN engines can say much more than the other engines on the names of firms.

The first two letters in the name (in old petrol engines until 1983 was the development of a single letter) shall indicate the series of the engine. Also like toyotovskih motors, a series of structurally similar, but may differ in the fuel injection system, the number of valves per cylinder itp CD17 and CD20 for example are identical in construction, but different working volume. Moreover, if the first goes letter V, then it necessarily V - twin engine. If the second is the letter D, then it is certainly a diesel engine. Next is the number of dividing that by 10, you can get a working volume in liters. Examples: CA18DE (gasoline, inline volume of 1.8 l.), E15S (gasoline, inline volume of 1.5 l.), RD28 (diesel, inline volume of 2.8 l.), CD20T (diesel engine, inline, volume of 2,0 l.), VG30E (gasoline, V-type, volume 3,0 l.).

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The first letter after the number indicates the design features of cylinder head:

D - engine with 4 valves per cylinder (TWIN CAM or DOHC - it's just different names for the - well, with the division like TOYOTA to "narrow" and "broad" head no, as we all NISSAN engine camshafts are independent driven by a belt or timing chain). Examples: SR20Di, RB25DET, GA13DS.

V - engine with variable valve timing and four valves per cylinder (analog systems VTEC (HONDA) or VVTi (TOYOTA)). Examples: SR16VE, SR20VET.

If the digits in the title engine NISSAN no letter D or V, this means that the engine has two valves per cylinder (OEF). Examples: RB20E, CD20, VG33E.

The second letter after the numbers (or the first, if the engine with 2 valves per cylinder) indicates the method of formation of the working mixture:

E - multipoint (distributed) electronic injection toliva in gasoline engines (trade designation system - EGI); in titles diesel NISSAN this letter no. Examples: SR16VE, CA18E, RB25DE.

i - a single point (center), electronic fuel injection in gasoline engines (Ci - Central injector); diesels have this letter denotes the electron - driven pump and is the last (but not the second) in the name of the engine. Examples: SR18Di (petrol), ZD30DDTi (diesel).

D - direct electronic fuel injection into the cylinder - at petrol engines (the system DI - Direct Input); diesels have this letter indicates that the engine with undivided combustion chamber. Both gasoline and diesel engines, with the letter D in the title, was developed after 1995. Examples: VQ25DD (petrol); ZD30DDTi (diesel).

S - carburetor engine. Examples: GA15DS, CA18S, E15ST.

In the name of the engine NISSAN absence of the above letter, if the diesel engine with a conventional (mechanical) fuel pump. And all of these engines have been NISSAN with two valves per cylinder and separated combustion chambers, ie, letter D after the numbers, in any case, in the names of these engines not. Examples: CD17, TD42T, RD28.

The third letter after the numbers (or the first - second) indicates the presence of turbocharging. If the letter T after the numbers are, it means that a turbocharged engine (namely with turbocharged, as concern NISSAN, engine-driven supercharger crankshaft, unlike TOYOTA, not issued). If there are two numbers after the letters T, then this engine with two turbochargers (TWIN TURBO). Examples: TD42T, RB26DETT, SR20DET, CA18ET.

The fourth letter after the numbers may be only engines with two turbochargers (this letter T, see example. Above) or in diesel engines with electronically - controlled pump (letter i, there are engines and YD25DDTi ZD30DDTi).

Examples of titles engines firm NISSAN:

CA16S - petrol inline engine, a working volume of 1.6 l., With 2 valves per cylinder (ONS), the carburetor without turbocharging.

CD20 - diesel inline engine, a working volume of 2.0 liters, with 2 valves per cylinder (ONS), mechanical fuel pump, without turbocharging.

VQ30DET - gasoline V-twin engine, a working volume of 3.0 l., With 4 valves per cylinder (DOHC), multipoint (distributed) electronic fuel injection and turbocharging.

YD25DDTi - diesel inline engine, a working volume of 2.5 l., With 4 valves per cylinder (DOHC) undivided combustion chambers, turbocharged and electronically - controlled injection pump.

SR20Di - petrol inline engine, a working volume of 2.0 l., With 4 valves per cylinder (DOHC), central (singleton), electronic fuel injection, naturally aspirated

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