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Mini History

1959 - Sir Alec Issigonis presented to the public the first small cars Austin Mini with a transverse engine. Up until the mid-50s in the UK there was no affordable compact car. It was at this time in front of Alec Issigonis, the designer and the designer of British Motor Corporation, has been tasked to develop a small car for four people. And the result has been a revolution in the design of compact cars. Virtually all of the new machine was first implemented, in particular, gearbox, integrated with the oil sump, and more. A combination of front wheel drive with transverse engine, will produce a car with a body length of 3 meters while maintaining the volume of the cabin, brought Alec Issigonis reputation for genius.

1961 - John Cooper, designer of Formula 1, was so delighted with the reliability and manageability of a tiny car that has decided to provide its more powerful engine, disc brakes and a contrasting two-tone paint, which later became the hallmark Mini. Modification of the Mini Cooper - namely so was named the new sporty version - has become a welcome guest in the most prestigious neighborhoods of London.

1963 - a new model Mini Cooper S with a more powerful engine. It is this machine has become a true legend of motorsport.

1964 - Mini Cooper wins in the toughest rally in the world: the Monte Carlo Rally. Drivers Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon feted as heroes, and the car itself, fearlessly defied bigger rivals and sophistication, forever captured the hearts of racing fans. The victory was no accident in the next year the team Timo Mäkinen and Paul Easter also risen to the highest step of the podium, and in 1967 Mini Cooper S running Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon was again the winner of the Monte Carlo Rally.

1969 - on the screens of the world beyond the film "The Italian Job» (The Italian Job). The heroes of this gangster tapes were not only unbeaten Michael Caine and Noel Coward, but the Mini - with this baby managed to create the largest traffic jam in the history of cinema.

1970 - Mini becomes a best-selling car in Europe

1986 - off the belt five millionth Mini.

2000 - The release of the four special modifications ends production of the old model Mini.


2001 - Under the direction of the old BMW car plant in Oxford has been updated, and began production of a new model MINI (written in capital letters to distinguish it from the classic Mini).

2003 - on the screen comes a remake of 1969 "The Italian Job" with Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton in the lead roles. The new MINI is also playing an important role in the film.

2006 - The line of the "New" MINI in the hatchback is updated. The changes concern the appearance, interior trim, engine and body size. In fact, it's a new car, keep most of the old features

2007 - there is a new, revolyutsonnnaya for the MINI model "Clubman". She is 24 cm more than the "usual" MINI and characterized by the presence of additional doors for easy entry, rear seat passengers.

2008 - Updating convertibles "New" MINI. Up to this point they were issued on the basis of the first generation of bodies MINI.

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