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Mercury History

In 1939, Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, insisted on the introduction of a Ford car production program of the middle class, which was to fill the niche between the cheap car Ford and Lincoln models dorogomi and thus become a competitor models Buick (Century Series and Special), Oldsmobile , Pontiac and the cheapest models of Cadillac. New brand was named after the Roman god Mercury - the patron of trade. Cars Mercury Branch Lincoln-Mercury Concern Ford Motor have a higher "social status" than the mass separation of cars Ford.

Initially, the model Mercury released primarily with cabriolet. They had an 8-cylinder engine and a luxurious finish. The first machine was a modified model of FORD, only with increased length and large volume V8 engine. The novelty was so successful that without osbyh changes produced until 1942. And at that time, was the first major update scheduled appearance is due to the war was the last: after the war cars in 1942 and sold out so well, so upgrades were useless.

During the Second World War department has released ambulances and small 12-seater bus. The most striking example of the use of Mercury is the fact. US President Truman to travel within the country solely used car of this brand.

Next model Mercury appeared by 1949 - the tenth anniversary of the company. Originally planned to release it under the name Ford back in 1943 in two versions: a compact (Ford Cadet) and full size. Both versions were designed in one style. As a result, Ford Cadet was put on production in the factory of the French branch of Ford in Poissy (later the branch was now SIMCA) called the Ford vedette, and its major version was put into production under the name Mercury.

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In Canada, under the name Mercury produced trucks Ford, branded Monarch - cars Mercury (since 1946), and Ford cars there were known as the Meteor.

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