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Company Mazda began its historical development is far from producing cars originally she specialized exclusively on building materials, which are made of a special cork. In 1920, the company is based, Mr. Matsuda Dzyudziro, he came from a large family, which had twelve children. Matsuda made several unsuccessful attempts to start their own businesses, which were unsuccessful, and only in the 20th year, he, along with several investors to acquire a company called Abemaki, which actually worked cork. Cork business will allow investors to gain the necessary start-up capital for further action.

In 1927, the company gets a new name - Toyo Kogyo, it was a landmark event, which demonstrated a serious approach to industrial proceedings. Early in its history, the company produced only motorcycles and in 1931 she tried her hand at the automotive industry. However, these cars are significantly different from those that we used to see on the roads - it was a small truck with three wheels. To distinguish their products from their cars just started releasing under the name Mazda. The year 1932 was in many ways a landmark for the company's first export to China went first copies of these cars.

Before World War II the company's engineers created several brand new models of concepts, which unfortunately has not reached mass production. After the end of hostilities again Mazda continues to manufacture three-wheeled vehicles, trucks, which are now called Type. In 1951, the company is headed son Jujiro Matsuda, who died after a year. In 1960, Mazda is developing a new market - cars. The first model becomes the R360, which meets all the needs of urban residents. But not only the release of the first car became famous this year, in this period of time the company attends a representative of the German company NSU, which was subsequently signed an agreement on cooperation and joint development of the Wankel engine. In 1962, the car appears Carol - the result of the above-mentioned cooperation with the German company. However, totally unique car that model could be called a stretch, since she inherited a lot of popular in those years the Ford Anglia. The total number of cars produced by Mazda reaches 1 million. In 1965, the company could not afford to build a landfill called MIOS. In 1967, the debut model Cosmo Sport, it was to feature a rotary engine, 1967 was notable in connection with the release of the producer to the European market. Begins mass production of models with rotary engine (Rotary Coupe, Capella / RX-2, Rotary SS Sedan). By 1970, it was released about 100 thousand. Such vehicles.

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