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Based company Lifan, China's largest manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and engines in 1992 was fairly well-known entrepreneur Yin Mingshanom. Headquarters Lifan and was then, and today is located in Chongqing, which, in turn, is located in the central part of the country.

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Specialization of the company was quite clearly marked at the dawn of existence Lifan. In the early 90s the company specialized in the production of buses and trucks, as well as in the manufacture of motorcycles. It is noteworthy that all of the production was to own plants. It took quite a bit of time (by the end of the 90s) and the company's production capacity has increased significantly. So, at that time, the company's products have successfully produced ten plants.


In the early 2000s, the latest technology has been remodeled central plant of the company. In addition, it was equipped with everything necessary for the production of cars, it has greatly improved the quality of the products and the conditions of work of all the staff. At the same time the plant had his own painting line and closed four assembly halls, two of which are fully automated. Moreover, said plant also appeared two packing lines. Recall that the total area of the plant is six acres and just working there for about ten thousand people.

If until 2005 the company was engaged in a production of Lifan engines, motorcycles, and trucks and vans, while in 2005 the situation changed dramatically. That year the company began to develop cars and in this field is very successful debut car Lifan 520. Created this car Lifan profit company with the famous Japanese automakers - by Mazda. In connection with those Chinese market could not meet the ambitious request of the company and bring it to a really high profit, since 2006, the export of car Lifan 520 in France, the USA, Ukraine, Mexico and Kazakhstan.

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