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LDV Engine manuals pdf


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LDV Fault Codes List PDF

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LDV History

LDV Group - a British company that manufactures light commercial vehicles Maxus family commercials. Owned by the Chinese company Eco Concept (previously in the GAZ Group ownership). Headquartered in Birmingham. Abbreviation in the company name stands for Leyland-DAF Vans.

Company history dates back to the now non-existent concern British Leyland. In 1987, LDV was formed on the basis of its Freight Rover units. In the late 90-ies of the XX century, LDV, together with the Korean Daewoo has developed a family of the Maxus, whose release was planned to organize in South Korea, however, the bankruptcy of the Korean partner is not allowed to complete the plans.

In 2005 alone LDV Maxus starts production at its plant in Birmingham. The main consumer of enterprise becomes Royal postal service, army and other commercial structures. But the capacity of the company is designed to produce 15 thousand. Cars a year were not fully loaded.

In 2006, LDV Group has acquired GAZ Group. The absorption of the Russian side there were $ 100 million. (Debt restructuring of the company and the development of production and distribution). After receiving the necessary financial support from its strategic investor, the company is expanding the geography of sales due to the penetration of the markets of Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

The company today

In addition to production in the UK in 2008, production has been established in Russia at the facilities of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Assembling in Russia was originally large units, but it was planned from the 2nd quarter of 2008 to begin a gradual localization of production. However, plans prevented the crisis.


Since 2006, the company owned by GAZ Group. However, the parent company has recently faced significant financial challenges demanding the restructuring of the internal structure of the company. In particular, it was decided to sell its stake in LDV Group. It was originally supposed to sell a controlling stake in the company management. Then they began to circulate rumors about the sale of the Indian Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. But in early May 2009 an agreement was signed for the sale of the company Malaysian company Weststar. The UK government has planned to allocate for this transaction a loan for 5 million pounds. However, Weststar soon refused to buy. As a result, the company was declared bankrupt, and came under the temporary management of the audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers. In the fall of 2009, the company was acquired by a Chinese company Eco Concept.

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