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His appearance in November 1906 in Turin Lancia car company owes a talented mechanic and gives the driver Vincenzo Lancia and his partner Claudio Fodzholino.

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Already in September 1907 was published the first creation of Fabbrica Automobili Lancia, get the name Lancia 18-24 HP. Later Vincenzo Lancia, on the advice of his elder brother, began to give their cars names according to the letters of the Greek alphabet, and then the first-born, of course, was renamed the Lancia Alfa.

Alfa was an extraordinary machine. High-speed four-cylinder engine, while at 1800 rev / min was pretty good indicator, had a volume of 2543 cm. Cube. and had a capacity of 28 horsepower. Rear Auto Set patented bridge is not cast, and with stamped steel beam having a weight of half the cast beams. Wherein torque from the four-speed transmission is transmitted to the rear wheel by a shaft, not chain as in most other cars at that time. The only model released young enterprise, of course, could not claim a place in the top automotive society. However, in 1908, was released a modified car at its base, called Lancia Dialfa. The machine was equipped with a six-cylinder engine has manufactured one of the first in the world.

  Five years later, in 1913, the company released a great car Lancia Theta. It was first in Europe electric lighting is standard. As a rule, on cars of other manufacturers installed it on request for an additional fee. Lancia Theta four-cylinder engine was equipped with a volume of 4940 cm. Cu., Which had a 2200 r / min and developed 70 horsepower. With this engine Lancia Theta was able to accelerate to 120 km / h. This car is famous for very high reliability: one car historian coined the expression that "the only professional killer machines able to break this car." But World War I made some adjustments to the plans of the company, according to the decree of the Italian government agency Lancia became military enterprises. And in place of luxury cars had to be reconstructed on the production of trucks, special vehicles, and even armored vehicles. It was at this time that the development of eight- and twelve-motors.

But at the same time, the war also contributed to the development of the company, greatly expanded the territory of the factory, and with the new model rolled off Lancia Kappa, although on closer inspection, this machine is an updated and modernized version of the Theta.

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