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Infiniti - mobile company clearly demonstrates the promise of Japanese cars in America. Until the 1980s, no one took seriously the Japanese cars as a luxury model. And the phrase "luxury Japanese cars" invariably caused only an ironic smile on the face of the Americans. But it took only a few years, and the company loudly declared itself exactly in the American car market. History of recognition, oddly enough, began with the global crisis 90s. In this difficult period, the drivers of the US began to think seriously about the expense of gasoline cars. Compact cars of this class either in America or in Europe was not. Here the world community and drew attention to the Japanese manufacturers of cars.

The Japanese in a short period of time managed to occupy the vacant niche in the market by anyone. The crisis eventually left, the American economy began to grow rapidly. More and more people prefer the fast and powerful cars. New requests unable to fully meet the Japanese company Nissan Motor, which is to feel confident in North America. But the company at the same time faced with the problems of heredity: US buyers invariably associated with Nissan inexpensive and modest models. The market did not want a new way to perceive the familiar brand. The consequence of this was the emergence of a new car brand - Infiniti. So immediately you need to understand that the developers of Infiniti cars are not new to the business, they have their own rich history, and that this producer owes much to Japanese cars of its popularity in the market of America. In America is a car show - North American International Auto Show, which had not been known in the world, but the organizers have decided to make themselves known throughout the world and to demonstrate their a high level.

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