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Hummer - an American company, formerly owned by the concern General Motors. Manufacturer of large SUVs with army roots. Symbol of the rich and heavily armed American.

In the mid-70 US military think about replacing the close and low-power army jeep M151 promising "highly mobile multipurpose wheeled vehicle» - HMMWV (High Mobility Mulipurpose Wheeled Vehicle). In 1979, a competition was announced and marked clear requirements for the new car - a low silhouette, powerful frame, center and rear cargo areas, independent suspension wishbone, short overhangs. Light armored car full weight of not more than 3.4 tons with a diesel engine and automatic transmission had to accelerate to 50 km / h for 6? 8 and have a stock of the progress of 300 km. Road speed - up to 100 km / h on the road - 65 km / h.

Reached the final prototypes companies AM General, General Dynamics and Teledyne Continental. Getting development ATV, the company Teledyne Continental took as a basis the experimental mid-engined SUV Cheetah, to create an alliance of American Mobility Technology International and the Italian supercar maker Lamborghini. Selecting a firm AM General also fell on a mid prototype of Food Machinery Corporation (FMC).

Serious test revealed the winner - M 998 company AM General. With it, in 1983 the US military signed a contract for the supply of 55 thousand ATV M998 for five years. All-terrain vehicle with an unpronounceable index HMMWV M998, nicknamed the military "Humvee» (humvee), has become the main vehicle of the US Army. He differed phenomenal maneuverability and could carry different types of weapons.

Widely known machines acquired after completion of the operation "Desert Storm". Footage of the Gulf War bypassed all TV channels around the world. They were always present formidable army ATV, joking that overcame the steep slopes of the dunes and walked along the sand, as the asphalt, leaving far behind the tanks M1A Abrams.

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