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History of FIAT

The company FIAT (Fabrica Italiana Automobili Torino) - one of the largest corporations in Italy for the production of cars. The company has been producing a variety of agricultural and industrial machinery, trucks, passenger cars and sports cars. In addition, the corporation includes businesses which produce aerospace products. The headquarters of the company is located in Turin.

The company was established in 1899. It was organized by a group of investors, which included Giovanni Agnelli. Initially, the company is engaged in assembling cars under license Renault. On these cars to install the engine De Dion. In 1903, tariffs on imported steel in Italy were canceled. It was quickly expand production. The company started production of engines for ships and aircraft, appeared very original buses, trucks and cars.

Fiat Cars were designed to wealthy buyers. They quickly became popular not only in Italy but all over the world. In addition, cars Fiat received due recognition in road racing. There they did not concede such renowned brands as Nazzaro, Miller, Storero and Lancia.

  Very soon, the founders of the company realized that it was time to move away from amateurish and develop industrial production. Series production cars badged Fiat was deployed in 1912. In addition, Giovanni Agnelli one of the first managed to understand that every car manufacturer should have their own style, and that style should develop a professional stylist. As a result of this policy in 1012, a model Tipo Zero. This machine does not have a very original design. To car purchased your personality Agnelli forced their employees to develop six different variants of the radiator grille. Firms Alfa Romeo and FIAT were the first body of its serial production began to book with such renowned artists as Terrenta Lokatti and then in the studio Touring and Zagato.

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