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Datsun Bluebird Model 410 Series Service Manual

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Datsun History

History of Datsun automobile company was laid in 1911, the year with the creation of the company Kwaishin-sha Company, its ideological center was an engineer Hashimoto. The company began producing the first Japanese cars, which are called DAT.

Produces several models of four-car: DAT-31, introduced in 1914, the year, replaced by DAT-41, and then more advanced DAT-51, parties are small and own cars are far from perfect, but they are a success - it is the first in the history of Japanese cars .

In 1926 the company merged with another firm - Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. And there Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. There is a new model - Lila JC, to emphasize its separateness, and at the same time a close relationship with a line of DAT-s, Hashimoto gives her name Datson

.Although The company Datsun and ceased to exist, the brand Datsun remained until 1983, the year. Although Nissan Motors developed its brand of vehicles, actively used the Datsun name for the export models.


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