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History of Dacia

August 20, 1968 in Colibaşi, Cahul (outskirts of the Romanian city of Pitesti) factory was opened «UAP». Help in this group had known all Renault. This factory manufactured under license from Renault cars «Dacia».

Series production at the plant began in 1965. Before you start production, it was decided that the cars will be made by the foreign license. The plant has received a license for the production of cars with an engine from 1100 to 1300 cubic centimeters. Permitted industrial series from 40 000 to 50 000 vehicles per year. Their suggestions made firm Austin, Dacia, Fiat, Peugeot and Renault. After that, the factory passed technical tests cars Austin Mini Morris, Dacia 1300, Fiat 1100D, Peugeot 204 and Renault 10. Once considered all economic and technical aspects of the issue, as a result of the negotiations was made regarding the offer of Renault Renault 12 car. The car was still just developed. It had to begin to produce in France since mid-1969. But in September 1966, was already signed a contract for its manufacture.

The company sought as quickly as possible to master this segment. Renault 12 in the same time still is, has been prepared for production. The company decides to issue car Renault 8. This car is in the same range. That is why the company is very suit the choice that made the Romanian side. Plant in Pitesti was built in just six years. He was named Pitesti Motor-Car Plant. July 1, 1968 began the installation of equipment. The first car was released August 3, 1968. And on August 20 began serial production car DACIA 1100 got its name from the ancient name of Romania.

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