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Located in the upper left of the toolbar visible through the windshield. V.I.N. consists of 17 symbols. First 3 characters define the country of origin, manufacturer and division. 4 - car line. 5-6 - series and body type. 7 - (number) of the braking system. 8 - the engine. 9 - the control number. 10 - model year. 11 - factory. Last 6 characters - the serial number of the product.

History of Chevrolet

The history of the birth of this brand is very unusual and interesting at least because of the fact that the car was not named after its creator, and in honor of the mechanic and racer Louis Chevrolet Joseph. In this it differs from all previous car brands.

Louis Joseph Chevrolet was born in 1878 in a family of watchmakers in a large family, who lived in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fond. After 10 years, the family moved to France in search of a better life. Here Louis graduated from high school. After that, he got a job in a car company Mors as a mechanic. He truly fell in love with the car. A few years later he became a racing driver. Perfectly mastered the knowledge of the motorsport and automotive, Louis moved to Canada, and in 1900 - in the United States. There he became an official representative of the French company De Dion Bouton. But racing and motorsports have always been for him in the first place. Until 1905 Louis participated in all races that were held in the state. He was very brave and determined. These qualities attracted the attention of American industrial kings. Young riders were invited to participate in the «Vanderbilt Cup» - racing for the Cup millionaire Vanderbilt. He spoke very well. Although he did not win them, but became known as a professional of the highest class. Since then he has participated only in competitions at the highest level. In the role of "protégé" Louis were many industrialists. Among them was William Durant. This industrialist collected several car companies in the concern «General Motors». In 1908 he invited Louis to become the official driver, representing companies Buick (Buick). Since that time, the driver was rapidly promoted to glory. By 1909, he won three very important victories and finished in 11th place in the race «Vanderbilt Cup», which was very honorable. Louis Chevrolet was one of the best racers United States until the beginning of the First World War. Duran decided to create a business and use the name of a famous athlete. He suggested Louis leave the sport and go into business for the production of cars. Louis accepted the offer. Designers «General Motors» drafted a new car, but Durant put a lot of money in the promotion of the project. Chevrolet gave the car its name, who knew almost all the residents of the state. That name was the key to success. Birthday car «Chevrolet» deemed November 3, 1911.

The famous "cross" as a brand name of the company appeared somewhat later, in about 1914. There is a version that this was part of the figure silhouette wallpaper Paris hotel in which Durant stayed in 1908. He brought to America as a souvenir piece of the wallpaper and the tale showing his friends: "This is precisely the emblem of the right vehicle. She will give him the opportunity to move into infinity. "He was right. Today, it is one of the most hyped and powerful symbols of the advertising business. In all the time during which there is this brand, loved it all buyers, recognized experts. Now cars «Chevrolet» - this is a story and a symbol of technological progress of America, a symbol of power States automotive industry.

The first model was «Classic Six». It was a very successful four-door five-seat large enough American sedan. In the car was a convertible top, windshield and electric lighting. In addition, the kit includes a set of proprietary tools. This machine was born in 1912. Around the same time, there was a small «Little Four» four-cylinder. But «Classic Six» cost while $ 2,500. For the average customer, it was quite an incredible price. It was she who pushed people from buying cars. «Ford-T», which in those days was very popular, cost five times cheaper.

Durant had the ability to learn from their mistakes. He began to produce simple, cheap car - easy open «Baby» and sports «Royal Mail». On the basis of these first models in 1915 was created «Chevrolet-490." He brought us a lot of popularity and pushed the Ford "T". They were very reliable and fairly inexpensive car. They have become as popular as "Ford". These models were sold very successfully. The number of sales was close to 100 000. This car was produced until 1922. After that, based on it was created no less famous model «Superior». It lasted until 1927. It was in this year "Chevrolet" sales surpassed "Ford". The company has sold more than 1 million cars. Machine "Chevrolet" has been 55 years in the US best-selling brand.

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