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Most car brands, as everyone knows, are named for their founders. But is not this is the case with the famous brand Cadillac. This brand got its name in honor of the Frenchman Antoine de la Mothe Kadiyyaka (Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac), who in 1701 founded the American wilderness forest town Ville d'Etrua (Ville d'Etroit - City by the Strait). For two hundred years this tiny settlement grew into the capital of the US auto industry - Detroit.

The name for the new Cadillac car company offered Henry Leland (Henry Leland, 1843-1932 years). In his youth he worked as an engineer at the armories, and in the end of XIX century, founded the company Ā«Leland and FaulconerĀ», which manufactures industrial engines are famous for their quality and reliability. However, at the beginnings of Cadillac was still not Leland, and ... Henry Ford (Henry Ford) in person. Before the foundation of Ford Motor Company Ford in 1899 created the Detroit Automobile Company, which after reorganization in 1901 was named Henry Ford Company. Things were going badly, the year Ford quarreled with other investors and threw firm. Investors turned to Leland to assess companies for the purpose of its liquidation. But Leland was able to convince them that you need to build cars, and took the management of the company in their hands. It was then that she was renamed Cadillac.

The first car of this brand was collected in October 1902. In January of the following year it was shown at the New York Auto Show, where it was immediately received two thousand orders. Series production of this model began in 1903. It was like two peas similar to the Ford Model A (not to be confused with the 4-cylinder Ford A late 1920), only the motor car was another lilandovsky. It was a single-cylinder engine produces about 10 hp, is placed under the front seat.

Single-cylinder model, worn by the fashion, alphabetical indexes, produced until 1908. In 1905 it added a four-cylinder Cadillac D. In the same year there was a light truck model F, becoming the first truck Cadillac. As one of the pioneers in the automotive industry, the company established itself as a single-cylinder car chassis was built with fully enclosed coupe - the first in America. He was named Cadillac Osceola and was made in a single copy, becoming a private car, Henry Leland, but next year is offered to buyers closed coupe model H.

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