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Buick" (Buick Motor Division), a division of "General Motors." The headquarters is in Flint (near Detroit). In 1902, David Buick founded the carmaker Buick Motor Car Company, investing in it 100 thousand. Dollars earned from trade former personal affairs. original car design personal founder company released in 1903. After asking for help from the US monetary and J. Durant. Whiting, a brilliant engineer, but unenviable entrepreneur Buick quietly dropped the native company. until 1908, he remained a member of the Chiefs of the consultation. Made in 1904, the brand had a two-cylinder engine in which is placed under the front place, so that the convex front of the "hood" with a "heat exchanger" was simply a decoration (orthogonal to the heatsink is below). The company was one of the earliest to join the "General Motors", in 1908, but remained its distinctive production. Successful structure "Buick" attracted the attention of North American purchasers and by 1908 had sold more than 8 million vehicles of this model. In the same year began to leave marks 10 with a 4-cylinder engine, has won boundless abundance. The original 6-cylinder "Buick" appeared in 1914, and in 1931 all cars of this model establishes an 8-cylinder engines. brand units, along with "Chevrolet" and "Pontiac" were signs overseas taste in automobiles. Since 1925, the company began to establish personal motors 6-cylinder engines. Very popular this year was 25 brand - the half-open box "tourist" instance on the chassis Standard Six. In the 1931-36 biennium. There are new series of cars Special, Century, Roadmaster and Limited. Buick brand, along with Chevrolet and Pontiac became trademarks overseas taste in automobiles. Brand 66S ("S" stands for "Sport") in 1934 had a brand new engine stosilny (row "eight") and a free front wheel suspension. Their most early in the history of the car under the name "Rodmaster" in its tilted (chaise, mod. 87S) and roll (sedan mod.81) versions came out in 1936 .. Starting this year, every series Buick cars in addition to the numerical designator wore also real name. series, there were four: 40 - speyshl 60 - Century 80 - Rodmaster and 90 - Limited. In 1939 was published the most extended and the most upmarket of the Buick - eight-car series Limited Brand 39-90L. 1940 - was introduced extra fifth series (50, aka Super). Postwar "Buicks" (1946) is based on the last pre-war body and different brands of 1942 due to the predominant style radiator lining and lightweight trim boards. However, there was also a new-found nadkapotnaya emblem - "bomb in the ring": through it to find out the postwar model can be had with the initial principle. In 1948, the output of fresh brand Roadmaster. In 1953 he invented the brand Skylark. samoluchshim gift for the 50th anniversary of the company became a wholly fresh V-shaped "eight" power of 164 hp for category Super and 188 hp - Series Roadmaster. Since 1954, every 2-3 years there is a remodel of lineups until 1961 Buick. Generally established from the mighty "Buicks" differs cars compact category "SpecialĀ» (Special), serialized in 1961-1965, but was soon on its own dimensions, they almost equaled the simple "Buick". 1979 - beginning of the compact family car Skylark. Following her out with an interval of about a year out of the brand and Century Skyhawk. In 1984, the output of the brand Riviera Coupe, showing the brand Park Avenue. In 1987, a demonstration of the brand Regal cabin Los Angeles. 1992 - the output of the last generation of the brand Le Sabre. Since 1997 began to emerge next-generation brand Century, and in 1998 the presentation of the brand Signia. 1998 - Buick department of General Motors produces the same type of relatively inexpensive, full-size front-wheel drive subcompact cars for the US market.

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