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Bentley 4.25 l MK6 Manual 1931

Bentley MK6 Manual 1931

Bentley Car History

Design engineer Ettore Bugatti, one of the great twentieth century Doctor of Mechanical Engineers Ferdinant Porsche ... In many machines besides the name and spirit of the present company founder. However, the spirit of Ford or Renault dissolves in millions of equally similar machines, but the spirit of Walter Owen Bentley still present in each of the production cars of the brand Bentley, because they are released number about a thousand cars a year. 

The founder of Bentley Motors was born in 1888 in the family of one of London's thriving business. Time cars had not yet come - in those years epitome of perfection and speed were the locomotives, and Bentley at first chose the profession of a railway engineer, but took its racing craze, and then grew into a four-crew competition. When he was 22, he bought his first car. It was a double Riley V-Twin, but after some time, together with one of his brothers Bentley opens firm importing sports cars French DFP. While succeed in such a business could only winning races. Almost every one of the current major brands gained notoriety in the early twentieth century due to sports victories, and it was the surname of the winning rider could often coincide with the name of the machine. In 1913, qualitatively improved engine in the French car (the first having made pistons aluminum alloy), Bentley accelerates its 2-liter DFP to a speed of 145 km / h and thus strikes female national speed record. 

During the First World War, the future designer entered the service in the Air Force Department of the Royal Navy, where he began to introduce their aluminum pistons on aircraft engines Rolls-Royce, and is engaged in designing engines for airplanes with names Bentley Rotary1 and Bentley Rotary2. 

In 1919 Walter founded the company Bentley Motors Ltd and represents his first creation at the London Motorshow. Engine 70 hp, which amounts to 3 liters - was big and powerful by the standards of the time. Actually since that time and the official history of the car Bentley. Bentley was not a supporter of miniaturization. His further models were all large and expensive quickly. Later, in the early 30's, for Bentley has already established a powerful 8-liter engines! 

The main priority for the Bentley was the race in which he staked his team to vynoslivost.Ego large dark green car, acting under the British flag five times to win the 24-hour race at Le Mans. 

Not to mention the team that brought so many victories Bentley. Professional pilots at that time simply nebilo since the race was purely elitist sport, and Bentley Boys, famous for all the British Commonwealth, and were just young aristocrats. So Tim Birkin was a major textile magnate Bernie Rubin had a lot of land holdings in property and plantations owned Australian pearls, Woolf Barnato had several diamond mines in South Africa, which fell to him by inheritance, and received them with great profit (he actually fund development Walter Bentley). Around the end came when the Great Depression came. Bentley Motors Ltd company went bankrupt in 1931 and was sold at auction. It acquired an anonymous mutual fund which stood for, as it turned out later, the long-standing rivals Bentley in the face of Charles Rolls and Frederick Royce. 

From that moment a new era in the history of the car Bentley - the victories in the race it is not a word was said, but the legend of the most luxurious sports cars in the world, which are collected by hand and with the same quality standards as the Rolls-Royce limousines continues to exist. You could say they were the same, heavy mnogolitrovye Rolls-Royce, only with more powerful engines, increased manageability and the letter "B" in the logo. He was not equal to the combination of speed and comfort when moving long distances. 

Argued that in bankruptcy Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the 90s with his guilty Mercedes untwisted "six hundredth" S-class. However, the benefits received by BMW and Volkswagen, which sold out cheap "family silver" of the British. Thus, the Bavarians withdrew Rolls-Royce, and the company has received from Wolfsburg Bentley. Anyway - the end of the two great brands that does not mean. Having different owners of Rolls-Royce and Bentley competitors again become almost like in the old days. BMW while intriguing, about the future of a number of Rolls-Royce known virtually nothing. But now Volkswagen is a very interesting model Bentley Coupe GT looking at which it is safe to say that the Bentley legend lives on.

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