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Company Bedford Vehicles (commonly abbreviated version was used - a Bedford) was a subsidiary company of Vauxhall Motors. Bedford Vehicles was founded in 1930 with the purpose of production of cars. And over time, the company has grown into the world's leading producer of trucks with large volumes of exports across the globe.

Although the official date of establishment of the company is considered to be the 1930 th, the production at Luton started a year earlier. The first two models that have gone off the assembly line at the plant Bedford - is the AU and the LQ car designed under the brand «Chevrolet Bedford», which gave the name of the company (in Bedford - the capital of Bedfordshire in Luton which is located). AC model is a light truck weighing 12 quintals, and LQ performed a variety of roles: it was used as a bus, the machine "emergency", a van and a lorry at the same time. These models were released from 1929 to 1931. The first car entered the market in April 1931, at the same time the name was dropped word «Chevrolet».

The first-born in the independent activity of the company became a 2-ton truck, is almost indistinguishable from its predecessor - LQ Chevrolet. Machines differ in detail the design of the radiator, as well as the diameter of the wheels (option from Bradford was equipped with a wheelbase length of 10 feet and 11 inches). In August 1931, production of bus chassis were introduced, which expanded the range of goods Bedford Vehicles.

Much of the credit by Bedford Vehicles sales in the United Kingdom and the British Empire belonged to the six-cylinder Chevrolet Stove Bolt 6 with overhead valves, which clearly substantially ahead of its time. It is this petrol engine was the basis of all Bedford Motors until closing time production of trucks and buses.

In April 1932, the company released a 3-ton truck models WS, as well as lightweight (1.2 tons) van VYC. Bedford Vehicles Company continued to increase its market share of light vehicles, releasing two more vans weighing less than a ton - ASYC and ASXC. AS series was continued, and its production was completed only in 1939.

During most of the 1970s and 1980s the company Bedford Vehicles produced four-cylinder and six-cylinder trucks, successfully competing with other leading companies of the market. Bedford KM used the same cab as the TC, but had a restyled front end and was more reliable, thus ensuring a good level of sales. This truck is met in many developing countries due to the simplicity of engineering and high permeability in difficult conditions.

A small van Bedford CF was less successful than the other equipment of the period. One of the reasons for the failure of the van was not the most reliable engine. It did not allow him to compete with the Ford Transit. However, CF model used by a number of large companies. In particular, the van was very popular when it was converted into the van for the sale of ice cream or a mobile shop. His modification CF2 used more reliable engine.

TL Lineup coming to market during all of the 1980s and was considered the successor model series TC. However, he was unable to repeat the popularity of its predecessor.

The main blow was inflicted on the company when Bedford Vehicles was not able to win the tender for the production of the UK Ministry of Defence of a new truck for the Army, although the option Bedford Vehicles in no way inferior to the car from the Leyland-DAF, and many in the army tended to their trusted suppliers. The reason is unfavorable for Bedford Vehicles decision was a political step of the Thatcher government, which sought to save from bankruptcy the company Leyland. The second blow was the sharp decline in the overseas market due to the influx of more simple and cheap technology. Soon, at plants in Luton, only began to produce light trucks CF and Bedford Midi.

In 1986 the company was reorganized in Luton in the joint plant with Isuzu. The result is a company Isuzu Bedford Company Ltd. Bedford name was removed from the names of all brands except Bedford Seta, which was issued a few years.

In 1988, General Motors Corporation bought Isuzu, after which the company became known as GMM Luton, Bedford and the technique she never released.

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